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Got a question about security or SchwabSafe®? You’ll find answers to common questions right here.

How can I tell if the page I am on is secure?
Common signs that indicate an encrypted session are a padlock icon on your browser, a web address that starts with “https” instead of “http,” and a green web address bar. Look for one or more of these signs when on Be aware that phishing sites will mimic these indicators so remember to exercise caution whenever you are online.

When logging in, look for these indicators:

Internet Explorer 7:

Internet Explorer 6 (address bar):

Internet Explorer 6 (bottom right of browser frame):



What is phishing?
Phishing is the act of trying to trick you into revealing confidential information. It usually takes the form of a spam email or fake website that asks you to input personal or financial information.

How does Schwab use cookies?
We use cookies to store information about your online activity, not your private information. Learn more about how we use cookies.

Will an email from Schwab ask for my personal financial information?
An email from Schwab will never ask you for your personal financial information. If you suspect an email is fraudulent, please contact us immediately at 800-724-7526.

Can I use my Social Security number as my login ID?
A secure login ID should not contain any part of your Social Security number, birth date, or other private information.

How often should I change my password?
We recommend changing your password often, at least once every six months.

Do I need to log out when I leave
Yes. If you do not log out, another person with access to the computer could view your account information using the memory function in the browser.

How can I help protect my computer?
Simple security measures can help further your safety. Keeping your operating system and browser up to date, installing and updating anti-virus and anti-spyware software on your computer, and using a firewall can help.

What should I do if I think I have been a victim of identity theft or fraud?
Contact us immediately by calling 800-724-7526.

What sort of special measures should I take before I travel?
For a complete list of security travel tips, read our SchwabSafe Traveling Tips.

How does Schwab use my private information?
Learn more about Schwab’s privacy policy.