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Safeguard your information

Help us protect your personal information by taking these steps:

Keep your login ID and password confidential

  • Don’t use sensitive information in your login ID—A login ID should not contain your Social Security number, date of birth, account number, or other sensitive information. If your current login ID contains any of this information, change it by logging in and going to View Account > Personal Info > Alternate Login ID.
  • Create a unique password and do not share it—Your password should not be the same as passwords you use on other websites. We recommend changing your password at least once every six months. Do not share your password; sharing your password with anyone—including family, friends, and third-party websites—may invalidate your Schwab agreements.
  • Watch out for suspicious emails, popups, and links—Use caution when online and do not click on suspicious popups or links. Do not write your login ID, password, or personal financial information in an email. If you receive an email addressed from Schwab asking for a login ID, password, or personal financial information, contact us immediately at 800-724-7526.
  • Be aware of copycat websites—Don’t log in to unless you see one or more of the following indicators of security on your browser: a web address that begins with “https” instead of “http,” a padlock icon, and/or a green web address bar. Copycat, or phishing sites, will try to mimic these indicators in an attempt to steal your information, so if anything about a website seems suspicious, call us at 800-724-7526.

When logging in, look for these indicators:

Internet Explorer 7:

Internet Explorer 6 (address bar):

Internet Explorer 6 (bottom right of browser frame):



Reduce the risk of lost or stolen financial records

  • Review your statement—Read all statements thoroughly as soon as they arrive to make sure all transactions shown are ones that you made or authorized. If you suspect unauthorized transactions, contact us at 800-724-7526.
  • Secure your confidential documents—Keep all your financial documents in a secure place, and be careful how you dispose of any documents with financial or other confidential information. Shred documents that have confidential financial or identification information about you before throwing them away.