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SchwabSafe® Traveling Tips

Before you travel:

Pack your laptop

  • If you have a laptop, bring it. Using your personal computer is usually more secure than a public one. Update your laptop’s anti-virus, browser, and other software before leaving.

Away from home:

Make your login more secure

  • Memorize, rather than write down, your login ID and password.

Be aware of security when you’re online

  • Remember to log out of after every session.
  • Report any email that says it’s from Schwab and asks for personal financial information at 800-724-7526.
  • Avoid using unsecured wireless networks. These are networks that you, and others, can access without a password.

If you suspect identity theft or unauthorized access to your account, it is important to act quickly.

Contact us first

  • Call 800-724-7526. If you are abroad, call 1-8000-724-7526 then when prompted 800-724-7526

If we confirm unauthorized activity, let the credit bureaus know

After contacting the credit bureaus, notify the appropriate government agency